Supreme Court Case On I.P University

A Case has been filed against Special Counseling of IPU admission in Supreme Court due to which various students who were depend on special round of counseling have to drop their year or should immediately grab management quota seat because we never know what result will come out of this..

Is this Fair ? 

Absolutely not because IP university this year have already delayed the admissions of students for about 1.5 month in all undergraduate programmes, due to ONLINE COUNSELING PROCEDUREbecause of which students don’t get a chance to apply in any other university.

What is the root cause of this problem ?

Major root cause of this problem is “Admission by Donation”. Most of the IPU affiliated colleges ranking from top to bottom have given admission not on the basis of correct/accurate rank of the student but on the basis of Money. Till date many seats are vacant in the IPU Universities but they are being SOLD.

Now my point is what is the need of special counseling, 3 rounds of counseling have already been conducted why not the IPU people have announced 4th round officially for everyone. It’s sad to hear that no light is being drawn on such cases…

P.S – Something is very wrong with our education system.

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