Iphone 6 In India

The Iphone 6 in India is available in the pre-orders category. Sources close to Apple India tell NDTV Gadgets that the two new iPhone variants have received record pre-orders, with over 20,000 bookings logged by Apple authorised retailers across the country till the end of business on Wednesday.
iPhone 6 is being pre-ordered at a price of Rs.53,500/- Only.
Now lets see the reality in India. Iphone 6 and 6 Plus models are being sold in the Grey Market (Gaffar Market) of India in New Delhi at a premium cost of Rs.90,000 and above. Alot of people who can’t resist to get their hands on the new Iphone can easily get it from the Grey Market as those models are being shipped from Other Countries.

Alot of people say that iPhone is for the rich peoples as they show their status symbol. Yes, I do agree that it is being affordable for wealthy peoples but apart from status symbol it is actually very reliable and smooth gadget.

Comparing an High-end Android smartphone and an iPhone 6
I can definately say that after installing lot of apps in the android device it will show some lag as well as take time in other operations and considering it an open source platform it can be easily hacked and vulnerable to viruses but with the iPhone security is guaranteed, operations can be performed smoothly and most importantly it’s design and feel is awesome. Maybe that’s why most of us love an iPhone.
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